Vladimir Migric | Vic Firth Drum Set Artist

Vladimir Migric

Piloti (SER), Valentino (BIH), Studio

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia where I’m curently based. I was studying drums at MDS drum school in Koblenz, Germany. Recording and touring both nationally and internationally since mid nineties. Some artists that I played/recorded with are: Lance Lopez (USA), Mick Clarke (GB), Todd Sharpville (GB), Blues company (Germany), Zed Mitchell (Germany), Marija Serifovic (Winner of Eurovision contest 2007), Texas Flood (Serbia) and more than 20 artists from Serbia, Italy, Bosnia, Croatia etc. Most recently I’ve been working with legendary band Blues Company (Germany), Diva Demolition (Australia) and pop-rock band from Serbia named Piloti and legendary Bosnian band Valentino. I’m musical director of High School Band at International School in Belgrade.

Behind the kit

Kiki Lesendric, Sara Jo i Piloti - Manje više / Tri boje zvuka

Kiki Lesendric i Piloti

BEER FEST 2015, Kiki Lesendrić i Piloti - Čini mi se da

Lance Lopez - Get Out And Walk live

Lance Lopez - Finkenbach Open Air (Germany) 2013