Vic Firth DUOS

Vic FirthDUOS

Creation through Conversation

Sometimes the best conversations don't happen with words


Introducing Vic Firth DUOS!

The language of music is universal, though every musician speaks with their own unique voice.  So what happens when you bring two drummers together, side-by-side, to share in a conversation?  Endless Creativity.  Vic Firth DUOS is a new series from Vic Firth that explores these conversations and showcases the connected, creative moments that could only come from Vic Firth Artists.

Vic Firth DUOS Episode 3

Stanley Randolph & Steve Stewart









MArk guiliana

Mark Guiliana has become recognized as one of the world’s leading drummers, admired and in demand across the spectrum from jazz to rock to electronic music for his rhythmic sophistication, creative impulse and individual sound.

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Past episodes

Vic Firth DUOS Episode 2

Bianca Richardson & Aisha Gaillard

Vic Firth DUOS Episode 1

Jermaine and Clemons Poindexter

Vic Firth DUOS Series Trailer

Vic Firth Artist Family

Song - 'Jumpin' (Bennie "Rojo" Rodgers II producer of theme track)


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