Terreon 'Tank' Gully | Vic Firth Drum Set Artist

Terreon 'Tank' Gully

Dianne Reeves Band, Stefon Harris & Blackout, John Beasley's Mon'Kestra, Terreon Gully's Tanktified

Grammy winning, musician extraordinaire, Terreon Gully is one of the most influential artists of his generation. Widely recognized for his creativity, versatility and authenticity, Terreon is in high demand. His innovative and distinct sound has inspired artists such as Dianne Reeves, Christian McBride, Stefon Harris as well as John Beasley’s Monk’estra to make him a member of their bands. He performs, tours and records extensively with a variety of artists. In addition to live performances, Terreon is also known for his exceptional work in the studio, producing and recording for CDs, films, and commercials; including his first solo project “TANKTIFIED”.

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Photo Credits: John Abbott