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Dr. Steve Gadd is one of the most sought-after studio/live drummers in the world. His feel, technique, and musicality on such tunes as Paul Simon' "Fifty Ways", Steely Dan's "Aja", and Chick Corea's "Nite Sprite" were so awe-inspiring and his concepts so innovative that they instantly assured his special position in the history of the percussive arts. Gadd attended the Manhattan School of Music as well as Eastman School of Music. After the army, he rapidly rose to prominence with a wide variety of artists, including Al DiMeola, Stanley Clarke, Rickie Lee Jones, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Dr. John, Michel Petrucciani and Stuff. Today, Gadd is as busy as ever, working with James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Blicher Hemmer Gadd, Mika Stoltzman, and his own, Grammy Award Winning Steve Gadd Band!United States

Steve Gadd

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"I think when I was younger I experienced those feelings (showing off chops) more, and I'd give in to them. Through the years, I worked on that; I developed discipline. Instead of driving the music with this need to show off, I've learned to let the music dictate what I need to do. You have to really listen in order to do that." -Steve Gadd, Music Radar



"I think the big thing is, I'm always trying to challenge myself. Always knowing that there's something new to learn and a new way of playing in a particular genre or with a certain artist, that's the deal, that's my job. If I'm helping to keep an artist inspired and be comfortable, then I'm going to feel good and we're going to create something together - hopefully." -Steve Gadd, Music Radar



Vic Firth was a good friend and approached me about developing my own sticks and brushes. I highly respected him as a person and musician.

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