Russ Miller | Vic Firth Drum Set Artist

Russ Miller

Studio, American Idol, Andrea Bocelli

Russ Miller has been one of the most internationally recognizable names in drumming, for the past two decades. He has played on over five-hundred albums (selling more than 30 million copies) with over 150 movie credits earning more than a billion dollars at the box office. His musical versatility has led him to work with an incredible list of over 50 legendary artists.

Behind the kit

Russ Miller | The Ralph Angelillo International Drum Fest 2017

Performance Spotlight: Russ Miller

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Drummer Russ Miller Drum Solo Live at Drum Daze 2014

Brush Jam with Drummers Jim Rupp, John Riley, Greg Hutchinson, Russ Miller at Drum Daze 2014

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