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The latest drop from Vic Firth includes uniquely designed sticks by Vic Firth Artists and a hybrid Rute/drumstick that offers unparalleled versatility.


Designed in partnership with Vic Firth Artist and world-renown drumming educator Mike Johnston, the American Classic NE-1 was crafted for players everywhere in their journey.  With a longer taper, a diameter between a 5A and 5B, and a modified barrel tip, the NE-1 is a stick that will get out of your way, and allow you to focus on developing your skill behind the kit.


Crafted to match the power and versaility of Vic Firth Signature Artist, Nate Smith, the new Nate Smith Signature Series drumstick is slightly thinner than a 7A in the grip, with added lengh and a medium taper for a smooth response and impeccable balance.  Perfect for sitting right in the pocket.


Finally, Vic Firth is proud to introduce the Rute-X rods, a hybrid stick that has the feel and response of a drumstick, with the volume control and alternative sounds of a rod product.  The Vic Firth Rute-X rods offer versatility, solid rimshots, and cross sticking that you just can't get with traditional rods.  Available in 4 models: light gauge, medium gauge, and heavy gauge premium birch, and a durable poly synthetic.



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American Classic NE-1



Designed by Mike Johnston

The NE-1 gets out of your way and lets you focus on developing your skill

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If it's time to reevaluate your drumstick, the NE-1 is the perfect place to start."

Product Spotlight

Nate Smith Signature Series Drumstick



Vic Firth Signature Series

The power and versatility to match Nate Smith

Shop Now allowed me to explore a really wide dynamic range and I didn't feel like I was working so hard."

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Rute-X Rods



Vic Firth Rute-X Rods

The feel and response of a drumstick with the volume control and alternative sounds of a rod

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These sticks are incredible...The Rute-X have become an absolute studio necessity and I'm sure they'll find a place on tour as well..."