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Nelli Bubujanca

Independent, Latvian National Theatre, Brainstorm, Raum, Miks Dukurs, Markus Riva

Nelli Bubujanca is a notable representative of professional drummers in the Baltics. Her career started in 2004 with mentorship from a well-known instructor, a docent of “Latvian Academy of Music” and founder of a “Saulkrasti Jazz Festival” — Talis Gžibovskis. The first major project Nelli was involved in was the all-female rock band called ”Red Bee” . It got great recognition in Latvia and gave her the opportunity to explore festivals in Europe and Baltics. In 2018 she was invited to participate in a tour with “Brainstorm” (the biggest Latvian band), as a drummer/percussionist. The tour’s closing concert took place in Riga with a record high attendance of 60,000 people. In 2019 their collaboration with the ”Brainstorm” continued, and together they participated in the biggest festivals in Russia and a number of shows across Asia. For a few years now, she’s had a key role in the stage show “ART” — a production of the National Theatre of Latvia, creating improvised music on drums throughout the whole play. It quickly became one of the most visited shows of the National Theatre. As a resident of a night club “Coyote Fly”, Nelli became a solo performer by night. Her act includes a wide selection of dance music, and the blend of upbeat electronic mixes with live drumming makes for a powerful experience.

Nelli Bubujanca

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Performing with the Brainstorm band in front of 60,000 people. At that moment I felt like every piece had fallen into its place.



I listen to a variety of music genres - For me it's the best way to stay creative. Also, the Instagram drumming community became a great source of inspiration.



I began playing Vic Firth sticks at the start of my career and it just became my natural choice. I feel like they make my playing complete.

Behind the kit

Prāta Vētra – Šokolādes saldējums/Paralēles (“Skārda bungu tūre”, Mežaparks, 2018)

Think about things - Dadi Freyr. Mini drum cover by Nelli Bubujanca

Funk Soul Brothers - drumming by Nelli Bubujanca

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