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The Symphonic Collection has been elevated with three new professional, premium quality laminated birch concert snare drumsticks. The SCS2 is an extension of the weight and durability of the SCS1. A unique nylon tip and narrow neck makes the Ted Atkatz Signature II ideal for drummers looking for weight, control and the ultimate in articulation. The Jake Nissly Signature stick features a longer taper and unique butt end shape, providing exceptional balance and playability for symphonic applications.

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Array of premium quality laminated birch concert snare sticks

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'Beast' Thom Hannum Signature Stick



'Beast' Thom Hannum Signature Stick

Deliver huge sound without feeling unwieldy


We were looking for something that could withstand the endurance demands of a program, and also try to be able to help us cut through that massive horn line sound."