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Introducing the "Beast" Thom Hannum Signature Stick

Originally created as a custom stick for Carolina Crown to use in their 2018 production of “Beast” at DCI, Thom’s new stick is capable of delivering a huge sound without feeling unwieldy. It is easily controlled and delivers a fantastic feel at all dynamic levels. A higher shoulder adds a bit of weight as well as extra durability in the rim shot area. This is balanced out by a specially-designed taper that increases flex and response in ways not possible on traditional short-tapered sticks.

For the snare line or solo snare drummer looking to generate huge sound, the Thom Hannum “Beast” delivers unbelievable power and sound in a well-balanced package.

Dia. = .700”; L. = 17”; Short Taper

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'Beast' Thom Hannum Signature Stick



'Beast' Thom Hannum Signature Stick

Deliver huge sound without feeling unwieldy


We were looking for something that could withstand the endurance demands of a program, and also try to be able to help us cut through that massive horn line sound."