Lael Medina | Vic Firth Drum Set Artist

Lael Medina

Projeto Tânia Maria 70 Anos (PTM70), Lael Medina Trio, Mark Lambert & Radio Swing, Michel Freidenson Trio

Lael Medina started on drums in 1986, having been a professional musician and drum teacher since 1990. He performed in shows and recordings with great names of Brazilian MPB and instrumental music like, Mané Silveira, Sizão Machado, Silvinho Mazzuca, , Roberto Menescal, Helio Delmiro, Filó Machado, Natan Marques, Pepeu Gomes, Ultraje a Rigor, Wanessa Camargo, Lula Barbosa, etc. In 2010, Lael Medina completed a 20-year career and was interviewed by MODERN DRUMMER BRAZIL magazine in June. In addition, in this same year, he releases his first solo instrumental album "MUNDO BRASILEIRO" and his new method "CURSO PRATICO DE BATERIA EM LIVRO E DVD" (beginner / intermediate level). It was also quoted (in 5 topics) in the 100th edition of the Modern Drummer Brasil Magazine "History of the Battery in Brazil" (March / 2011).

Behind the kit

Lael Medina - Musica Yatra Tá (Tânia Maria) -

Lael Medina Trio no Batera Clube Jam Session (Íntegra) Latin Jazz Drummer

Projeto TANIA MARIA 70 ANOS - Funky Tamborim

Projeto Tânia Maria 70 Anos( PTM70 ) - Bronx

Lael Medina Solo Livre 01 -

Lael Medina - Mundo Brasileiro - Teaser

Photo Credits: Paulo Rapoport