Kasem Thipayametrakul | Vic Firth Concert Orchestral Artist

Kasem Thipayametrakul

Principal Percussion of Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, Kasetsart University

Mr. Kasem Thipayametrakul is one of the most versatile and sought-after percussionists in Thailand. He is known as Master of Drum Rudiments in Thailand. Kasem studied percussion at Wat Suthiwararam school. He continued to study percussion and keyboard percussion with Prof.Makoto Fukuda, Mr.Nattawat (Sunthorn) Yodsrithong, Mr.Brian Johnson, Prof.Jeff Moore and Prof.Mark Ford. Kasem marched with Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps in 1999-2000 (Front Line) as well as participated and achieved high rank in Solo Marimba and Ensemble for DCI (I&E) and PASIC. When he returned from USA, Kasem served as a Percussion Caption Head and Percussion Arranger for Siamyth Drum & Bugle Corps from 2006-2010. Kasem has recorded Marimba solo with Guitar in music name “Songwad”, composed by Sakchai Lekwongsderm, in the Album “Yawaraj” in 2010. Also in 2015, he had a Solo Marimba Concerto with Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra in new piece “Marimba Concerto Mahamongkol” by Kitti Kuremanee. Kasem has and still teaches at several leading universities such as Kasetsart, Rangsit, Assumption University as well as many schools in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Japan and USA. Moreover, he has condensed his teaching experience into educational literature exercise books, “Drumline Exercises 2004-2008 Vol.1” also"" 52 Rudiments transforms your DNA into a perfect Drummer” by Kasem Thipayametrakul, and Encyclopedia book ""The Encyclopedia of The Rudiments"". Presently, he is Director of Bangkok Society Drumline and served as Principal Percussionist of Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and Keyboard Leader of Fanatic Percussion. Kasem was also invited to become a member of WMC (The World Music Contest) Judge Panel. Kasem is the official endorser of Majestic Mallets, Pearl Drum, Zildjian Cymbals, Evans Drumhead, Vic Firth Mallets & Drumsticks and Vic Firth International Education Team, Percussion Designer and Artist for Percussion House.

Kasem Thipayametrakul

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Solo vibraphone in front of the Princess of Thailand.



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