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Isac Jamba


Isac Jamba has been a drummer for over 33 years. In this time, he has mastered Brazilian rhythms: “one of the richest rhymes in the world” - Isac At the age five Isac embarked on his journey with drums. Influenced by his mother (a guitarist and vocalist of Samba e Choro) Isac grew up listening to the classics of choro and samba. In his professional career Isaac has worked with many bands and singers from Brazil. He has left his mark on more than 80 records across the country, working with several renowned artists. Being a musician of great quality and competence, Isac has been invited by bodies that administer musical competitions, to participate on the panel of judges. The drummer stood out in festivals of international repercussion as well, such as Odery and Moder Drummer, going to the final recycling 3000 participants for 10 finalists and being the winner of the BDMG young musician. Alongside his playing career, Isac has participated in several social projects, in public schools, day care centers, and partner projects. Isac founded the JAMBA Battery Institute, known throughout Brazil as Portas Abertas. The institute reached more than 60 enrolled students. Currently Isac Jamba lives in Florida and has been using Brazilian music in the United States.

Isac Jamba

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Most memorable Next-Level Performance

Having created my drummer's platform, a many year's dreams, today I teach online classes to the whole world.


What Drives Your Creativity?

Brazilian music is rich in rhythms that help me be creative.


Why do you choose Vic Firth?

I can't remember when I used another drum stick other than Buddy Rich. The most consistent question on my social networks is which drum stick do I use? For my style and rhythm, I preach to Buddy Rich is the best.

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