"Conversation” by Akira Miyoshi

"Conversation” by Akira Miyoshi



Performed by Jonathan Collazo


Virtuoso Series

Designed for the solo marimba performer, the Virtuoso Series features a rubber core wrapped with a wool blend yarn for an especially warm and full-bodied sound. The 17″ handles are made of birch with a unique slip-resistant finish for excellent feel and enhanced control. A fine choice in ensemble settings as well!


Conversation is a solo marimba piece written in five movements and published as part of the “Marimba Pieces 2″compilation. Each movement poses a unique challenge, but overall the piece is of moderate difficulty and not quite as hard as some of the other pieces in the two Marimba Pieces books.

The first movement is an ABA form with the A section consisting of mostly running eighth notes at a moderate tempo. The B section is a slower rolling section.

The second movement is a similar moderate tempo, but written mainly in sixteenth notes. Both of the first two movement rarely reach the forte dynamic.

The third movement is a perpetual motion movement in 12/8 with many dynamic swells.

The fourth movement is the only thing resembling a slow movement. Marked Lento, the slow sections consist of rolls of one note only at a soft dynamic. Interjections into a 6/8 allegro that is similar to the previous movement prevent it from being a true slow movement.

The final movement is a 2/4 dance movement that slowly diminuendos and ritards to give the appearance of evaporating.

The movements are titled as follows:

I. Tender Talk
II. So Nice It Was….Repeatedly
III. Lingering Chagrin
IV. Again the Hazy Answer!
V. A Lame Excuse

Annotated by Greg Simonds