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2019 Vic Firth

New Tony Royster, Jr. Signature Stick 2

Tony Royster, Jr. burst onto the drumming scene after winning the Guitar Center “Drum-Off” at the tender age of 11. At 13, he became the youngest drummer ever to become a Vic Firth signature artist. Today, he is a first call touring musician and a household name for drummers everywhere.

Evolving from Tony’s existing signature stick, the new STR2 is designed to match the needs and playing style of Tony today. With a diameter of .585”, this stick has the feel of a slimmed-down American Classic® 5B in the hand. A slightly longer taper offers incredible rebound – great for fast, flowing, effortless chops.

Product Spotlight

Tony Royster Jr. Signature Stick 2




Incredible rebound for fast, flowing, effortless chops


I wanted to have the option of being able to still have the power that comes with the stick, but also finesse. ”