Bill Bachman Zildjian Cymbal Artist

Bill Bachman


Bill Bachman is a world-renowned specialist in hand technique with a heavy background in rudimental drumming and its application to the drum set. He is the founder of the hand technique site, author of Modern Drummer magazine’s books Stick Technique and Rhythm & Chops Builders where he has twice been nominated in their reader’s poll. Bill also authored the “Logic” book series for and designed Vic Firth’s Heavy Hitter pad series and his signature Billy Club drumsticks. Behind the drum set Bill is the drummer for Herd of Instinct, Spoke of Shadows, and has toured with progressive rock artist Neal Morse. He's performed at clinics and drum festivals on five continents and offers lessons globally via Skype.

Behind the kit

Bill Bachman: Conversations - Casual Shuffling

Drum solo improv -Bill Bachman

Moeller technique for 2&4 drumset grooves (Bill Bachman,

Foot pedal doubles! Bill Bachman's blog hype

Bill Bachman: Conversations - Freestyle Jamming on a Theme

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